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00031282 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Enhancementpublic2020-07-12 21:46
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Summary0003128: Need a way to distinguish satellite and non-satellite QSOs for DXCC 2m and Satellite award
DescriptionThus far, I've tried to look at the satellite field and assume that when it's empty, it's not satellite... and when it is not empty, it is a satellite.

I'm not able to get this to work and I'll probably need some help with it.
Steps To ReproduceAdd a 2m QSO in your log for any country
Look for it in awards...

Modify that QSO to put satellite AO-51 in for the satellite...
Look for it in awards...
Additional InformationThe Satellite app has a list of satellites. Perhaps we could use that list in the dropdown to populated it in the ALE satellite tab. However, we still need a way to distinguish between them.
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2019-05-30 16:53

developer   ~0007962

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