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00031363 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-01-31 15:15
Assigned ToK7ZCZ 
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.5.0.188 
Summary0003136: TS-990 Not powering off afterRig Control prompting for it.
DescriptionUser comment:
HI Guys, this goes back for quite a few updates, when exiting HRD it asks me if I want to turn the radio off and I'd click on OK and it worked fine, then after a certain update which was a long time ago now it stopped turning the rig off despite it still asking if I wanted to and saying yes to that
Steps To ReproduceHook up TS-990
Configure HRD to use the radio
Connect Rig Control.
Now exit Rig Control, and a message asking to power off the radio pops up.
Clicking Yes does not turn off the radio.
Additional InformationTicket #879993
TagsKenwood, TS-990
ModuleRig Control
Testing Beta Successful




2019-01-29 10:22

manager   ~0007117

No TS-990 to test with, but I expect this addresses the issue:


2019-01-29 11:01

updater   ~0007119

I check with the customer when Beta is ready


2019-01-30 06:59

updater   ~0007153

Customer tells me it is still not working in


2019-01-30 07:44

updater   ~0007154

Another comment from the customer:
Have found that if Menu Item no 22 (in Advanced Menu’s) Standby State low Power Consumption is set to OFF then the radio will power down OK if it is set to ON then it does not

I have read the Radio's manual.
It states that Menu 22 must be off to accept computer commands for powering off/on

So it is fixed.


2019-01-31 15:15

administrator   ~0007184


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