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Summary0003139: CNextPassesView and CPaneNextPasses in Satellite Tracker are copy-and-paste
DescriptionIn the Satellite Tracker app, the docking "Next Passes" pane and the "Passes" view have very similar functionality. Problem is, they're implemented by code that's been copied and pasted from one to the other.

This results in several problems; most notably the need to fix bugs in both implementations, plus confusion about which window is which when tracking down issues.

Ideally, a class is made of the passes tracking code and shared between the two UI implementations.
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2019-01-30 13:08

developer   ~0007162

This checkin just adds some comments about the copy-and-paste implementation.
Hopefully, it aves others from manually figuring this out. (Or, saves me from again realizing what's wrong next time I dive in.)

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