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00031462 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:11
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Summary0003146: Two ways to set time zone in Satellite Tracker; only one redraws
DescriptionThe Satellite Tracker app allows the user to choose between displays in UTC and Local Time. Two different UIs provide access to this setting, but they work differently. Specifically, one caues the displayed information to redraw with the new setting, and the other doesn't. Failing to update the screen with the new settings is confusing to users and should be repaired.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start the Satellite Tracker app
2) In the Satellite list toolbar, press the "Enable All" button
3) In the main window's toolbar, press "Next Passes" to bring up a passes view
4) Make sure the passes view has the "Elevation" button selected to show elevation graphs
5) Use the "Options" button in the passes view toolbar to reach the "Next Passes Optoins" dialog
6) Activate the "Formats" tab in the "Next Passes Options" dialog
7) Change the setting for time zone; doesn't matter where it lands, as long as it changes.
8) Press OK to close the Options dialog
9) Note that the graphs redraw with the new time zone setting.
10) In the "Tools" menu, use the "Options" command
11) In the resulting "Options" dialog, activate the "Formats" tab
12) In the Formats tab, switch the setting for the time zone; doesn't matter where it lands, just switch it
13) Press OK to dismiss the "Options" dialog

BUG#1) The graphs don't redraw; the setting isn't immediately honored

14) SElect the "Satellite Definitions" tab
15) Use the "Next Passes" button in the main window's toolbar to create another passes view

BUG#2) The graphs in the new view still don't have the new time zone setting

16) Close the app
17) Restart the app
18) Open a new passes view with the "Next Passes" button.
19) It is onyl after a restart thta the new setting is used.
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