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Summary0003156: Logbook ALE band tracking doesn't give clear indication of invalid bands
The "band" control in the ALE often displays an incorrect band designation, or none at all. This behaviour is either completely incorrect, or confusing to customers, who erroneously assume that the ALE has "stopped tracking" the radio's setting.
Steps To Reproduce

1) Start up Rig Control. Connect to a demo-matic radio; I used the FT-450 Demo.
2) Start up Logbook. Make sure Logbook gets connected to Rig Control and sees the radio.
3) In Logbook, open any database you'd like.
4) Use the "Add" button in the Logbook toolbar to add a new entry.
5) In the resulting "Add Logbook Entry" dialog, make sure the "track" buttons next to "Band" and "Mode" are marked.
6) Using Rig Control, tune the radio to 14.150
7) Return to Logbook. Note that the ALE correctly indicates "20m" in the "Band" drop down.
8) Tune the radio to 14.850 in Rig Control
9) Note that the Logbook's ALE window has nothing selected in the "Band" dropdown, now.

BUG#1) This behaviour is by design because 14.850 MHz isn't in the 20-meter amateur band. The ALE only accepts ADIF-valid input, so it can't report a QSO on 14.850 as being in any recognized amateur band. We receive complaints about "not tracking", however, so it must be that this behaviour isn't understood or is surprising to customers. Should the ALE display something more prominent when the frequency can't be matched to a band?

10) Tune the radio to 18.100 Mhz in Rig Control
11) The ALE window correctly shows "17m" in the Band dropdown.

12) Tune the radio to 18.190 MHz in Rig Control

BUG#2) The ALE shows the band to be 15m. This is wrong. Not only is 18.190 outside of the 17m amateur band (from 18.068 to 18.168 MHz), it's certainly not in the 15-meter band. There are many locations in the product that, when they can't find a band, compute the band by calculating a band name (in meters) by dividing 280 by the frequency in megahertz and truncating the result. 280 / 18.190 is 15.393; truncating that gives 15m.

To solve Bug#1, we'll need to agree on a way to show the user that they've tuned outside of the band. Maybe we agree that emptying the band drop-down is enough, but that doesn't seem to be true.

To solve Bug#2, we'll need a solution for Bug#1, since 18.190 is outside of the band. We'll also have to agree that code in the product which tries to compute the band by doing math isn't the right for the product.

Additional InformationThe code in question is in CLogbookRecordDefns::FreqToBand(), and also in CDXClusterDlg::FreqToBand().

The ARRL band plan is here:

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