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00031671 - BacklogBugpublic2019-12-05 18:38
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Summary0003167: Printing label, output garbled when adding QSL VIA
DescriptionWhen trying to print a label with the field QSL Via added the output is garbled.
See atached screenshots
Steps To ReproduceSelect a existing QSO which have the QSL Via field filled
Right click the entry
Select File > Print > Label
Set it up as in Good.jpg
Layouts looks ok.

Now add the QSL Via (as in Bad.jpg
Layout is mismatched.
Additional InformationTicket 431814
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2019-02-07 07:28


Bad.jpg (56,114 bytes)
Bad.jpg (56,114 bytes)
good.jpg (57,861 bytes)
good.jpg (57,861 bytes)


2019-03-30 05:49

administrator   ~0007803

We accidentally removed this (before Doug got involved in it). We need to put this back. I'll gather more detail about the requirement.

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