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00031831 - BacklogBugpublic2019-02-20 16:11
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Summary0003183: Sliders in Digital Master not Following changes made on sliders in Rig Control
DescriptionUsing the dem-o-matic radio (or any other for that matter) with DM-780 this is easy to reproduce. In DM780 add a radio control slider for 'AF gain (main)'. If you move the slider in DM780, the one in Rig Control follows along as expected. If you move the 'AF Gain (main)' slider in Rig Control, the slider in DM780 does not move. The problem is not specific to any particular slider. The all have this defect.

This causes the DM780 sliders to appear out of sync with the radio when the radio's knobs are used.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Rig control and DM-780
Ad a slider in DM-780 Radio pane (Take AF Control to test)
Move your radio's AF knob and the slider follows.

Now in Rig Control, move the AF slider and the one in DM-780 won't update
Additional InformationTicket #566326
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2019-02-20 16:11

developer   ~0007461

The slider updates for me, it's just that it takes several seconds to do so ... sometimes more than 5 seconds.

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