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Summary0003184: Digital Master has code for a list of IOTA entities, but doesn't use it
The DM780 app has code to build a list IOTA entities.

This code is awkwardly shared with the Logbook's code that does the same thing. The XML file with the IOTA data is #included into the DM780 resource file from its location in the Logbook's source. The code to parse and manage the list of entities in memory, as well as perform searches and lookups, is copy-pasta between the Logbook and DM780.

Here's the punchline: as far as I can tell, DM780 doesn't even use the IOTA data.

We should double check that DM780 really doesn't use this data. If not, the DM780 implementation of the code and the cross-project dependency on the resource file should be removed. If the lookup is actually used, work should be done to consolidate the implementation and representation of the code.

Steps To Reproduce
In "Digital Master.cpp", see CDigitalMasterApp::LoadIOTA().

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2019-02-20 15:21

developer   ~0007460

Turns out the ITOA data is referenced from CWSJTFormView, which itself isn't used. So we have to figure out the disposition of thatcode, too, before removing this code.

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