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0003187Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-08 02:32
ReporterKB3NPHAssigned ToWA9PIE 
PriorityhighSeveritymajorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0003187: V6.5.0.187 to has problems with the Callsign Lookup Pane in the Logbook.
DescriptionTicket #276027 - The customer in this ticket has included many images in the ticket demonstrating the problem he is having. I have made every effort to reproduce the issue he is seeing but am unable to. Today I finally convinced the customer to allow me to remote into his computer to see first-hand the problem he is reporting.

What is happening is the customer enters a callsign in the Logbook Lookup pane and clicks TAB. Sometimes the lookup is done correctly, other times in the Licensee information it will show remnants of TWO callsigns. For example, we put my call (KB3NPH) in the lookup pane call field and hit the TAB key and it populated all the information correctly. We then entered a different callsign in the Lookup Pane call filed, hit the TAB key and in the Licensee information it displayed part of my information (Timothy A_) followed by some other name not even related to the callsign that was entered.

You can see this issue in the OSTicket since the customer has sent many images of what he is getting. I also sent images to him demonstrating that I could not replicate the problem.

Guess this is going to be one of those "bears" to resolve.
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Sub-ModuleCall lookup
Testing Beta Successful


duplicate of 0003484 closedWA9PIE Call sign lookup not working correctly or will freeze Logbook 
related to 0003001 closedWA9PIE Callsign lookup function does not appear to be working as designed 
related to 0003486 closedK7ZCZ In V6.7.0.232 Callsign Lookup Pane does not populate 



2019-02-20 11:46

developer   ~0007459

The title implies that this issue is fixed in builds after That seems an odd thing to open a bug about -- what's the title really mean?


2019-10-06 18:34

administrator   ~0008760

I don't understand the references to prior versions. But in the current 6.7 beta releases, the lookup pane doesn't work at all.


2019-10-23 08:16

administrator   ~0008975

I'm considering canceling this issue. It will get resolved with a more recent and comprehensive Mantis issue.


2019-10-28 20:08

administrator   ~0009051

Can't reproduce this in


2019-10-29 03:25

administrator   ~0009054


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