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00031914 - Business PrioritiesBugpublic2020-07-02 02:25
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Summary0003191: V6.5.0.195 BETA "Logbook > File > Edit Selections > Manager"
DescriptionWhen opening the selections menu and choosing TOP 100, TOP 200.... etc, the filter allows only the most recent 100, 200, etc logbook records to be displayed as it should.

If you select a year it appears to display ALL records. Also if you attempt to edit one of the yearly filters, and enable it. Once you close the Selections menu and reopen it, the filter you just enabled will be disabled, so apparently the dialog is not permitting the filter to be saved to the xml file.

Ticket #189417 - n the Logbook, under Log Book Display, under config, the Selection for All, 100, 500, 1000, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and so on .

The years do not work when I clic on them I get 0 QSOs.

ssb and cw and the all, 100, 500, 1000, work just find.

If I am missing 2018 QSOs can I find them on LOTW and down load them to the HRD logbook?
I had a computer change the old one was replace with a new one. I cannot believe that I have no 2018 QSOs.
Steps To ReproduceTicket #417924 - Seth posted 02/19/2019 2:35 PM
I am unable to enter the fields for a new selection in HRDLogbook. To reproduce the problem:
1) On main menu go to Logbook/File/Edit Selection/Manager
2) Create a new selection (or copy an existing one)
3) Click on the Fields tab, select enable and enter some criteria. I tried several, all of them exhibited the issue. For this example, set Country not equals United States.
3) Select OK.
4) Pick the selection just created. All countries will show, including United States.
5) Edit the selection that was just created and the field selecting Country will no longer be selected.

I have been able to create and use selections in prior versions of HRD. Looking at the query saved in the LogbookQueries.xml file I see that the information in the Match Field tag wasn't saved for my new query. If I edit the file by hand I can get the query I desire. If I use the UI to modify the query the XML is unchanged. It appears that the fields information is not being saved.
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related to 0002932 new 1 - Backlog Logbook: confusing design around "Selection" pane and "Query" settings 



2020-01-09 03:04

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Ticket #191248 also has issues with it in


2020-04-23 09:14

administrator   ~0009671

Ticket #106058 v6.7.0.275 has numerous issues with the Selections option in Logbook. Can't view any of the preset selections other than ALL. Can't create new selections in the Manager. When a new one is created it comes up blank.

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