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00032012 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Enhancementpublic2020-07-02 02:22
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Summary0003201: Add capability of one QSO existing in multiple grids and update VUCC awards program
DescriptionAn often requested feature, also a efficiency we have compared to other logging programs, is to enable a single QSO to be conducted from multiple grids.

The ADIF standards committee has provided new fields to facilitate this as follows:

GRIDSQUARE and MY_GRIDSQUARE are for a single 2, 4, 6, or 8 character locator only. (I believe I remember reading that RSGB/IARU were formally defining 10 character locators, so perhaps at some stage the definition should be extended.)

VUCC_GRIDS and MY_VUCC_GRIDS can contain either 2 or 4 comma-separated locators.
In this case, each locator must be exactly 4 characters long, being specifically for use with the ARRL’s VUCC awards.

At minimum, we'll need to add these two (VUCC) fields and re-code the awards module to enable it to conform to the comma separated format of these fields.
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