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0003215Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-08 02:31
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Product Version6.5.0.197 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0003215: ALE handles international characters when editing, but not when adding records on SQL Server back-end
DescriptionPasting international characters into the ALE works, but the record saved garbles the strings. They don't successfully round-trip to the database.

This seems to work fine with Microsoft Access; it's just SQL Server that has trouble. (MySQL has trouble, too ... but detects the error and refuses the insert. See Mantis 1963)
Steps To Reproduce1) Fire up the logbook. Open any Access database.
2) Use the "+" button in the tool bar to open the ALE to add a record.
3) Enter any bogus call sign -- or, your own.
4) Wait for whatever call sign lookup you've got configured to execute.
5) Paste this text "鈴木 一朗" into the "Name" field. It is the name of a famous Japanese baseball player.
6) Paste this text "〒105-0011 東京都港区芝公園4丁目2−8" into the address field. It is the address of a landmark tower in Tokyo.
7) Press "Add" to add the record.
8) Close the ALE.
9) Double click the new record in the logbook view to edit it.

BUG#1) The "Name" field shows a bunch of question marks.

BUG#2) The "Address" field does, too.

10) Using Microsoft Access, open the database file that you chose in Step #1.
11) Review the record in the Access table editor. Note that the data is correctly landed in the fields.

10) In the editing ALE, paste the same strings again, erasing the question marks.
11) Press "Update" to save the changes.
12) Close the ALE.
13) Double-click the record in the logbook to edit it again

14) The strings are displayed correctly.
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Testing Beta Successful


related to 0003181 closedK7ZCZ Logbook requires a database schema migration solution 



2019-04-03 14:05

developer   ~0007819

fixed with this checkin in the 6.7 branch:


2019-09-22 19:38

administrator   ~0008590

I validated this one. Not sure how you found it, but good find!

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