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Summary0003216: JRC NRD 535 Not functioning
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Hello HRD.
I just recently purchased a previously owned JRC NRD 535 and cannot connect (RS232) to it with HRD. I currently connect HRD with my Yeasu FT-920, Kenwood TS 790A, ICOM IC R9000 without issues and have been doing so for a good number of years. However, when I attempt to connect to my JRC NRD 535 nothing occurs during the connection process. In the Rig connect window, I select the "NEW" tab then select JRC, NRD-535, COM1. In the "Speed" select drop down box, only "Auto Detect" is selectable, with no other baud rates showing. The "Flow control/Interface power" option window frame is shadowed out and no Flow control options can be enabled. When I click "Connect" the top window bar shows "Connecting". The "Status" window shows nothing, no text just blank during the connection process. I have left it in this state for over ten minutes without any changes and without successful connection to the NRD 535. HRD is not throwing back any faults or errors during the connection attempt. It's like the program routine is stuck in a loop.

I am utilizing a Dell Optiplex 7010 computer win 10 Pro 64 8GB ram, with the standard Dell hardware COM port 1,.
As far as RS232 cable goes, I am using a null modem type cable for the NRD-535 as the radio manual states. I can successfully use this same cable with other RS-232 Rig Control programs without any issues. I can also successfully use this same null modem cable with a RS232 terminal program (Termite) and send/receive to the NRD 535 individual CAT commands without any issues. I'm confident there are no COM port or cable issues. The JRC NRD 535 radio instruction manual states the fixed default RS232 parameters are: 4800 baud, 8 bit data, 1 stop bit, 1 start bit, no parity, 10 bits per character. There are not any provisions on the 535 to change the radio RS232 port parameters (fixed).

Also, I might add that my JRC NRD-535 is operating with frimware version "E". I believe the latest/last release is version "H" or maybe higher. However, I would not think any version would affect actual RS232 connection. At the worst it might affect some avaliable CAT commands.
Steps To ReproduceCan't reproduce, don't have such a receiver.
Manual with the Codes are attached.
Additional InformationTicket #658871

Asked customer to test serial coms via terminal to rule out bad wiring.

He answered:

In the terminal program (Termite 3.4) the following settings will allow successful CAT commands to be executed:
Port: Com1
Baud: 4800
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bit: 1
Parity: None
Flow control: RTS/CTS
A carriage return is appended at the end of each command.
Command example: H1 (no space between the command and CR)

Yes, if I send a command that prompts return data, I will receive that data.
Example: I1 will return receiver status data.
Some commands I do not receive return data but I may not be in the proper radio mode or some other required radio state. As well, it is possible the current low level radio firmware will only allow certain commands to be executed.
Regardless, I receive readable/usable data.
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JRC_NRD535_Instruction_manual.pdf (3,470,248 bytes)

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