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00032372 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Enhancementpublic2020-07-02 02:11
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Summary0003237: Build types should be fixed choices, not free strings
At present, the build type can be any string, arbitrarily. This isn't too useful.

It would be nice to enable or disable code based on build types -- certain code appears or disappears when a beta build is created, for example, for testing.

We should rearrange HRDVER.H and the build script so that the build type is given from a set of choices, which are fixed and drive on/off preprocessor macros to enable or disable code optionally.

We do need to still flag unsigned builds of any type. So I propose these mutually exclusive build types:

EXPERIMENTAL // not a beta or a release build; maybe a one-off for testing
BETA         // a public beta release
RELEASE      // a released and supported build

Additionally, the "UNSIGNED" flag may be set:

UNSIGNED == 0 // this build is signed
UNSIGNED == 1 // this build is not signed
SIGNED   == 1 // this build is signed
SIGNED   == 0 // this build is not signed

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