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00032443 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-03-12 18:32
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Product Version6.5.0.197 
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Summary0003244: "Award 2 Definitions" dialog has a list that doesn't correctly sort item attributes
DescriptionSome award definitions are "locked" and can't be exported. Others are "unlocked" and can be exported.

The Logbook's "Award 2 Definitions" window doesn't correctly sort items, and leaves behind their "locked" state in the list entry after the sorting operation. This results in a bogus UI, maybe worse.
Steps To Reproduce

1) Fire up the logbook; load a populated database
2) Use the "Award Tracking" button in the database view toolbar to open an Award Tracking tab
3) Use the "Definitions" button on the Award Tracking tab to open the definition dialog
4) Select the "ARRL DXCC (HRD)" award
5) Press the "Copy" button to create a copy. Make a note of the new name. Also, make a note of the item's position in the list. Hopefully, it's last, buy maybe not.
6) Select that new item. Note that, since this copy is not a stock definition, it can be exported and the "Exported" button is enabled.
7) Select the original "ARRL DXCC (HRD)" award. This item is a stock definition, it's locked. When selected, the "Exported" button is disabled
8) Click the "Title" column header to sort by the name

9) Again, highlight the copied entry. It probably isn't where it was in the list previously, and exporting isn't possible.
10) Same experiment with "ARRL DXCC (HRD)". It's probably still sortable.
11) Select whichever item is now in the list at the ordinal position recorded in #5. That item is probably exportable, even though it's probably a stock item and shouldn't be exportable.

This experiment suggest that the attributes of the items aren't (fully) rearranged when the list is sorted. We can reinforce that evaluation:

12) Close the "Award 2 Definitions" dialog
13) Open it again, by clicking the "Definitions" button on the Award Tracking tab.

14) Find an item that's not "locked". Note its position in the list.
15) Sort by "Locked".
16) We can find items which are locked and exportable, and items which are unlocked and not exportable. They're probably at the position recorded in #14.
17) Sort again by "Locked", so we're going in the other direction.
18) Same problem: locked-ness isn't managed correctly.

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