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Summary0003259: Rig Control doesn't support RIT or delta-TX functions on Icom radios
Most modern Icom radios support a bias setting for split CW work. The delta-TX and RIT settings allow adding a small offset to the receive and tx frequencies to adjust CW tone, fine tune offset for drift, and work zero-beat.

Rig Control doesn't support turning RIT or delta-RX on and off, and doesn't support setting or reading the bias frequency. Support for this useful feature should be added to Rig Control.

Steps To ReproduceSee page 4-1 of the Icom IC-7610 basic manual (for example) to learn about the Receive Increment Tuning (RIT) and delta-TX settings
Additional Information
It's not particularly hard to add on/off buttons to enable RIT or delta-TX. Just a couple buttons and the correspodning comands.

We don't have a good solution, though, for the Frequency offset control. The bias frequency has a range of-9.999 to +9.999 KHz. It's impractical to set this with a slider as just a change of few hertz is important in the setting and the sliders won't give great control over such a fine range.

While the range is very broad, most uses of the feature are within a few dozen hertz of the target frequency.

I suggest we implement this by offering "coarse" and "fine" slider controls. The fine control sets a frequency +/- 200 hertz from the target. It's centered at a 0 hz. All the way left is -200 hertz, all the way right is +200 hertz.

The coarse control adds a coarser bias of up to 9800 hertz in 200-hertz increments. All the way left, this control is at zero bias, and all the way right it's at 9800 hertz. The bias is in the same direction as the fine control, so this control isn't centered or signed.

For example:

Coarse: 0
Fine: -58
Setting: -58 hertz offset

Coarse: 400
Fine: -58
Setting: -458 hertz offset

Coarse: 0
Fine: +92
Setting: +92 hertz offset

Coarse: 600
Fine: 0 (centered)
Setting: +600 hertz offset

Coarse: 600
Fine: -1
Setting: -601 hertz offset

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