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Summary0003261: Logbook describes all databases as "using Microsoft Access"
When creating a new Logbook Database, the Logbook will add a default description to the database that includes "Using Microsoft Access" even if the database isn't stored in an Access back-end.

This is wrong ... and can be pretty confusing.

Steps To Reproduce
1) Start up the Logbook.
2) Use the "Manager" button in the main toolbar to bring up the Logbook Databases dialog
3) In the "Logbook Databases" dialog, use the "ODBC Administrator" button
4) In the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" dialog, use the "Add..." button
5) In the resulting "Create New Data Source" dialog, select the MySQL driver
6) Press the "Finish" button
7) In the "MySQL Connector/ODBC Data Source Configuration" dialog, conifugre the data source for your server
8) Once configured, press the "OK" button
9) When you return to the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" dialog, press "OK"
10) In the Logbook Databases window, press the "Add" button in the toolbar
11) Type in any title you'd like; I chose "MySQL Test 3"
12) Press the "Advanced Options >>" button
13) In the revealed "Or Select for Repair" drop-down, choose the data source name you configured in Step #7
14) Press "OK"
15) The newly created database definition is added to the list in the "Logbook Databases" window

BUG#1) The new database has the description "MySQL Test 3 database using Microsoft Access", even though this database uses MySQL.
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