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Summary0003268: Yaesu FT-857D VFO frequency switching in Satellite Tracker
DescriptionTicket#531547 - This may be related to Mantis 0003267. When connected to the FT-857D, if VFO-A is set to the Down-link of a satellite and VFO-B is set to the Uplink for the satellite and the radio is set to SPLIT, if you press the microphone PTT switch the radio switches to VFO-B as it should for transmitting. -After manually setting the proper uplink and downlink frequencies in the proper VFOs from Rig Control, if you run the Satellite Tracker, and check the RX and TX Checkboxes so that the doppler shift will be tracked on both radio VFOs, instead of tracking each VFO, the radio will change the VFO-B to the SAME frequency as VFO-A, thus making both VFOs contain the the SAME frequency as VFO-A originally displayed. Like I said previously, this could be related to the issue in Mantis 0003267.
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