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Summary0003270: Google Earth Pro not displaying correctly with Mapper
DescriptionWith Mapper loaded, a satellite selected and with Google Earth pro installed the Google Earth Pro display is very low resolution.
Steps To ReproduceInstall the latest version of Google Earth pro if not already installed.
Run Mapper (Rig Control is not necessary)
Select a satellite from the drop down list, preferably one flying over land.
Click the Google Earth button.
Google Earth Pro will commence to display the land under the satellite but in very low resolution.
Additional InformationThe solution is to install an earlier version of Google Earth.
I found version which works perfectly using the sequence above.
I do not know if the low resolution seen with Google Earth Pro is caused by Mapper or G.E.P.
I have attached the early Google Earth file to aid testing.

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2019-04-02 15:24


GoogleEarthWin_7.0.2.8415.exe (24,442,792 bytes)

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