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Summary0003271: Command Tester doesn't work with Icom IC-910H
DescriptionThe Command Tester tool in Rig Control doesn't work with the Icom IC-910H. It always reports an "ERROR", and doesn't show the radio's response. This was originally report by K7ZCZ in Mantis 3240, which was closed as successful, despite my repeated attempts to report that it was not resolved for the IC-910H.

From my post to the thread on the Beta Forum on 3/19/19:

Mantis 0003240 needs to be reopened. It fails on my IC-910H.

Send FE FE E0 60 03
Received [Error]

I am unable to update the Mantis ticket as it is closed.

However, the original ticket still shows as closed so rather than allow this one to fall between the cracks I am creating a new ticket.

Steps To ReproduceSee Mantis 3240 for steps to reproduce.

Data seen:

Send FE FE E0 60 03
Received [Error]
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ModuleRig Control
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2019-04-03 14:09

developer   ~0007820

Works fine on my IC-7610.

Maybe there's another unique feature of the IC-910H, or perhaps there's some setting to which the command tester is not resilient.

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