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Summary0003273: HAMQTH forces Callsingns Lowercase
DescriptionCustomers comment:
I have it set up such that when I have HRD logbook open and am working FT8, my contacts are automatically transferred into HRD Logbook.

I noticed that many of my contacts callsigns are being transferred into HRD Logbook in lowercase.
While this doesn't happen every time, I noticed that it does happen more often than not; I verify that they are in upper case in WSJT-X prior to the "transfer" but they still get inputted into HRD Logbook as lower case.
Steps To ReproduceConfigure Callsign Lookup in Logbook to be:


Setup WSJT-X for logging via QSO Forwarding

When adding a QSO to the log and it parses from HAMQTH, the Callsign field is populated in Lowercase.

Remove HAMQTH from the lookup settings and replace it with QRZ.COM

Repeat the logging steps, you will notice the calls are now uppercase (as they should be)
Additional InformationTicket #272798
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