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00032771 - BacklogBugpublic2019-08-13 10:03
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Summary0003277: FTDX-5000 wrong naming of Notch-M and Notch-S
DescriptionNotch-M and Notch-S : I think most of the users may think this is to enable the Notch.
Instead this feature enable FT5K DNF (which is the Yaesu Auto Notch so different from Manual Notch).
Auto Notch is called BC (beat canceller) in HRD for FT-2000.
IMHO would be better to use a different name : DNF or BC (as was in FT2K)
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Additional InformationTicket #154224
TagsFTDX-5000, Yaesu
ModuleRig Control
Sub-ModuleRig Control
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2019-04-06 06:40


Clipboard06.jpg (131,804 bytes)
Clipboard06.jpg (131,804 bytes)


2019-06-06 14:40

developer   ~0008012

On the 2019-06-06 call, MikeC said he'd look into the radio and its manual to figure out which UI would be best for these buttons.

From the code, Notch-S sends "BC11" and Notch-M sends "BC01". It looks to me like this is by design; "Notch-S" turns the notch filter for the sub (S) on or off; "Notch-M" turns the notch filter for the main (M) on or off.


2019-06-06 14:43

developer   ~0008013

Ahah! Indeed, these commands set "Auto Notch" for the main or sub. Manual notch is a different command. How should this setting be represented? Can we use existing buttons or different button types?


2019-08-13 01:42

updater   ~0008393

I would suggest 3 buttons.
DNF for Manual Notch
DNF-M for the Main
DNF-S for the sub


2019-08-13 10:03

developer   ~0008394

I don't see how the proposed buttons would work. It's not clear what "DNF-M" or "DNF-S" would do. Further, the notch filter can be independently set to manual or auto for the main or sub, so how would a single button manage that setting?

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