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Summary0003283: FTDX-5000 Syncroniser doesn't work properly anymore
DescriptionWhen using the Synchronization option Slave does not follow Master
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce the issue
Open first instance and connect to a rig (in my case Yaesu FT5K)
Open second instance and connect to another rig (in my case tested with SDR-RADIO and other)
In first instance click Tools -> Programs -> Syncroniser
Click Scan
See "Active HRD Instances" 0 (Ft5k) and 1 (sdr)
In HRD Master frame, select as master the instance 0 (ft5k)
In Frequency accept Radio
In Mode accept radio
In "HRD Slaves" flag on 1
Both mastar and slave are on the same freq/mode
Problem : Tuning master to a different frequency , slave desn't follow
More : click on Refresh will put the slave in the new freq/mode as in the master

In the past as soon as the freq was changed in the master, the slave was immediately synced
Now it works but only if clicking REFRESH
Additional InformationTicket #471065
TagsFTDX-5000, Yaesu
ModuleRig Control
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duplicate of 0001710 closed 5 - Closed w/o Action HRD Synchronizer in V6.2 versions does not work 
related to 0000520 acknowledged 1 - Backlog HRD Synchronizer does not work 



2019-04-11 06:20

administrator   ~0007848

Seems like a duplicate of 1710

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