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Summary0003302: Uplink and down link reversed when on FT847
DescriptionSatellites like CAS-4A and XW-2F defined with their uplink and downlink frequencies but when I enable CAT control it sets the downlink frequency in VFO B as the transmit VFO and sets VFO A with the transmit frequency as the receive VFO. This is completely backwards. Or, sometimes it swaps the TX and RX frequencies back and forth from A to B and B to A. Help!

Reference Ticket 768380
Steps To ReproduceSet up the radio to track the same sat with my FT847.

Allowed HRD to get into the sat configuration. Even through the frequencies were sat as required. they were reversed.
Additional InformationUpgraded HRD as requested (V6.5.0.207 build 207) but the satellite Doppler tracking problem is unchanged. Even though the downlink and uplink frequencies are shown correctly in HRD they are transposed on my FT-847 when CAT is enabled with receive or downlink frequency in the TX VFO and the uplink or transmit frequency in the RX VFO.

Also from ticket 768380
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