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00033133 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-10-29 05:46
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Product Version6.5.0.208 
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Summary0003313: In Logbook "Print" dialog, font, "Range" and "Print On" combos should be drop-downs
The Logbook's "Print" dialog has a couple of combo boxes that offer only two coices. Because these controls are combo boxes, they have an edit control where the user can type in anything they'd like -- even if it's not a valid choice.

Same for the un-labelled control which enumerates fonts. We have a fixed list of fonts, so users should not be able to type in an arbitrary name.

These shoudn't be combo boxes; they should be drop-down lists, which wouldn't allow the user to type arbitrary text.

The Range box has only two choices; the "Print On" list has only three choices. Seems like these should be a collection of radio buttons instead.
Steps To Reproduce
1) Start up the logbook
2) Use the "Print Labels" command in the "File" menu
3) Click on the "Range" control
4) Type "XYZZY".

BUG#1) You can type that, even though the only valid choices for this box are "Selected" and "All".
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2019-10-29 05:46

administrator   ~0009074

I tested this in the build. It is not fixed.

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