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0003315Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-10-23 08:17
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Summary0003315: attached files missing from old forum posts
DescriptionForums posts which previously had attached files (or images) no longer have them, and they can't be downloaded.
Steps To Reproduce1) Go to the forum
2) Find a post which has an attached file or image. Here is one example:

BUG#1) The file isn't shown; a broken picture icon appears instead

3) Click on the link for the image. For this example, that link goes to this URL:

BUG#2) No image downloaded. Instead, a blank page with this text is displayed "Invalid File Specified"

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2019-05-13 13:44

administrator   ~0007935

It displays for me. I'll need to figure this out.


2019-05-13 14:17

developer   ~0007936

Perhaps you have an elevated account that's able to see the file, or maybe your request for the file is being serviced from cache. Or, maybe there's some other issue.

During the team call on May 2, 2019, other members of the team were able to demonstrate this issue.


2019-08-09 20:59

administrator   ~0008359

When I follow the links posted by K7ZCZ using Chrome in "Incognito" mode, I get the same results that he describes. Perhaps it's a permissions thing (as mentioned)?


2019-08-10 04:45

administrator   ~0008360

What I could find is a setting that changed during the upgrade that modified the attachment and thumbnail view permissions to the Announcements forum. That is the cause of the problem referenced in the links in "Steps to Reproduce". So that problem specific to those attachments in that forum is resolved. That said - it had nothing to do with the age of the post or attachments. (permissions thing)

If there are other attachments that can't be viewed, I'd need some of those examples and I'll investigate it. I think there is some parameter in vBulletin that causes posts to be deleted after a certain amount of time. I'll look into that.


2019-09-14 02:21

administrator   ~0008552

Can anyone confirm that this is resolved?


2019-09-24 19:46

developer   ~0008641

For me, the given repro steps now show the expected images.


2019-10-23 08:17

administrator   ~0008976


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