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Summary0003322: FT-767GX radio, Logbook not displaying correct frequency
DescriptionTicket #577136 - Customer is reporting that with his configuration, the Logbook is not indicating the same frequency that is shown on the radio and in the Rig Control screen. The Logbook is indicating a frequency that is approx. 200kHZ different from the RC and Radio. I have checked and can't find any other operator using this same radio that has reported this problem, so, I believe it may be a localized issue, although there aren't too many users of the FT-767GX.

Did a remote to troubleshoot this issue and just to test, I used the "command tester" to check to make sure proper values were sent to and received back from the radio. When I sent a command to change frequency to the radio, it appeared to accept the command, however it returned <error> and did not return the value I had sent to the radio. This may indicate an issue with the radio itself, but not sure at this point since the RC does display the proper frequency when changed.

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related to 0002146 new FT-767GX - Frequency/band display in Logbook doesn't match Rig Control 



2019-06-13 15:17

administrator   ~0008070

Seems like this is a duplicate of 2146?


2019-07-01 13:11

administrator   ~0008185

Did another remote into customer's computer. Looked at the DDE.xls file. In a properly operating system, the "Frequency" and the "Hertz" lines in the DDE.xml file are the same. Meaning, if 14.070.000 is showing in the "Frequency" field, 14.070.000 is also showing in the "Hertz" filed.

In this system the above is not the case. The frequency showing in the Rig Control screen is correct. The frequency on the radio screen matches the frequency in the Rig Control Screen, and those both match the frequency that's in the "Frequency" field of the DDE.xls file, however the "Hertz" field is NOT showing the same frequency as the radio and the rig control GUE. It shows something totally different and this is the frequency that's showing up in the Logbook frequency display.

I am assuming the "Hertz" frequency is being received from the ACK from the radio itself. What we need to do is find out where the DDE.xls file gets the "Hertz" frequency. This will tell us whether the radio is providing the correct response from the radio OR is there something else in our software that is causing this problem.


2019-07-17 01:44

administrator   ~0008243

This can be closed. The issue turned out to be a problem with the radio itself not returning the proper frequency back to the software after a change was made in the radio's VFO and when a frequency change was sent to the radio from HRD. Not our problem.

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