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00033273 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-06-15 23:24
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned Todoug 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.6.0.214 
Target VersionFixed in Version6.6.0.231 
Summary0003327: Spurious error message from License Key Manager
DescriptionThe License Key Manager puts up a spurious error message.

Steps To Reproduce1) Start up a new install of HRD.
2) This leads to the "License Key Manager" dialog
3) Press the "Deactivate Key" button, don't do anything else

BUG#1) This message box is produced:

Invalid License

The box has the title "HRDStation", which is meaningless to any customer. The message box doesn't contain any useful text, so the user won't know what it means -- or how to correct whatever problem it might be trying to report.

There are at least a couple ways to cause this error box; it's just that the above steps are probably the easiest.

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ModuleSW License Mgmt
Sub-ModuleSW License Client
TestingNot Started



2019-06-10 23:00

developer   ~0008032

Changed the text to

The software was not activated with a valid key and will now exit.
With a caption of "Ham Radio Deluxe"

will be in next build


2019-06-15 12:50

administrator   ~0008080

Updated Status, Resolution, and assigned back to Doug. Need FiV when the code is checked-in and next build is created.

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