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Summary0003329: Download link in trial email has confusing behaviour
DescriptionThe email sent to customers when requesting a trial key has a link to download the software. That link ends up opening the trial request form again, which is quite confusing. I expect many users won't notice that it's also downloading the software from that link.
Steps To Reproduce1) Visit
2) Enter the data required to get an email with a trial license
3) Get back to your email application and open that email
4) click on the "click here" link to download the product
5) I end up at the form from Step #1 again
BUG#1) But also, the application surprisingly starts downloading. I think it would be better to give a clear and positive indication to the user that they're downloading the package.
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2019-08-13 22:58

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The link in the email is a direct link to setup.exe ( I think that's the right approach for helping them download the file as it avoids sending them to a download page where they may not be clear on which file to download (though there's only one application on that page to download, some folks aren't certain whether it's for the trial or for the full version; of course there's no difference, but folks get confused about this). So suggesting we leave this as-is.

As a result, when the customer clicks on this download link, it goes back to the browser (for whatever page it was on previously) and begins the download. If the last tab open in the browser is, then yes, the behavior you've described is what will happen. But it's not because we're sending them back to the trial page. If the user had closed that tab, went to any other website in that tab, or closed the browser all-together, then it would have either gone back to the last tab viewed or opened a browser to do the download.

I tested this from Gmail opened in a browser. When I clicked on the link, it simply downloaded the file in the same tab where I was viewing Gmail. You may be using an email client (Outlook or whatever).

I do have some choices here (image attached) for the "Target frame" associated with that hyperlink. They are:
- New window
- Parent frame
- Same frame
- Whole page

I tried all these (again, reading my email from Chrome). I got the same result in all cases. That is - if a browser is open, it creates a new tab for the download, closes it, and then goes back to the previous page; current behavior. I'm not sure I can change this.

I've left it set to "New window". If this isn't sufficient, then this issue could end up in the "not fixable" category.

I'm having the system send the trial key email to K7ZCZ for evaluation.

I don't think there's any way to force the trial key page to close after making the trial key request.

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