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00033473 - Current Dev ListMaintenancepublic2019-06-15 17:00
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Summary0003347: Hide the "Owner" field in the My Station dialog
DescriptionThe "Owner" field is confusing and redundant. Please hide the field. The existing field in the database can remain.

Confusing - most users will put their first name or full name in this field because they don't know what it was intended to do.

Redundant - according to the ADIF standards, "if OWNER_CALLSIGN is absent, STATION_CALLSIGN shall be treated as both the logging station's callsign and the callsign of the owner of the station." So "Owner" is redundant and not needed.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the My Station dialog and observe the "Owner" field.
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2019-06-15 17:00

administrator   ~0008085

fixed with this checkin:

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