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00033573 - Current Dev ListEnhancementpublic2019-09-22 01:23
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Summary0003357: Create a method to manage operator callsigns (remove "Operator" from the My Station dialog box)
DescriptionI don't have much on this right now. I do have an image that I'll post.

But I wanted to get this in to at least start thinking about it.
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related to 0003362 closedWA9PIE Ham Radio Deluxe Revise the "My Station" tab in the ALE in support of the other changes made to the My Station dialog 



2019-06-16 11:04

administrator   ~0008092

This needs a specification and design before it can proceed


2019-06-16 17:00

administrator   ~0008099

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- Create a list of operators under - Tools, Configure, Operators.
- The list would be simple - Callsign, Name. Hand entered by anyone who manages the workstation.
- The list can be common to all callsigns in the My Station dialog and can be accessed regardless of which callsign or location is behind used.
- It would be great if the user could change them without digging into a menu to select one... and that the currently selected "Operator" would be shown in main Logbook UI.

I have created a mock-up of how that might look.

Google Drive\\Shared drives\HRD Software\Attachments\OperatorField.png

Thinking it through... we should leave the "Operator" field displayed in the "My Station" tab (per Mantis 0003362).

I don't know if this is a specification or not... but let me know if more information is required.


2019-06-18 13:08

administrator   ~0008131

I can't say that I fully understand the impetus of the change. I'd really prefer to start with "Why" so I can understand what problem it is I'm being asked to solve. If you'd rather, I can just do what you say iteratively. But I think that approach minimizes my ability to contribute.

Let me know how you'd like to proceed. Either way, it seems like this change deserves at least more care in its design.

For now, here are the questions I have:

  • For now, I guess that the selected operator is used whenever the operator field from the selected "My Station" location and call sign would've been sued. Is that correct?

  • In other UI (like the "My Station" tab of the ALE, or the "My Station" editing dialog), what is displayed? Is the "My Station" setting simply removed, or is it offered there -- how? Can it be changed?

  • Seems like a user might creating a QSO in the ALE, then wonder what "Operator" value was going to be used. They'd have to move the ALE, look back at the main window, and check the setting there. Why not display and allow the selection of the operator from the ALE window directly?

  • Since the instructions here say the operator is displayed in the logbook's main window, it must mean that the operator is somehow associated with the operations that can be done in the main window of the logbook. What operations are those, and how does the selected operator specifically affect them?


2019-06-18 19:26

administrator   ~0008132

Let me try to expand on this...

Think of this as a hierarchy. That is...

Customers have callsigns,
Callsigns have locations,
Locations have Operators.

Each of these can have a 1:many relationship.

So we have a method of associating a customer to callsigns as tabs in My Station. That works.

Callsigns have locations in the My Station tab. That works. The location contains the details of a station. That works.

The problem is with the way that “Operators” are handled.

A Station could have many “Operators” and some clubs absolutely will.

In the past, that caused someone to create an additional “location” or to edit “Operator” in My Station each time a different Operator made QSOs from the Station.

It would be far more elegant to provide a way to manage a list of “Operators” and give the user an easy way to change the operator without constantly going back to the My Station dialog to do it or creating a redundant location for each operator.

All that’s really needed is a way to change which operator is associated with a given QSO.

Does that help?

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