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0003362Ham Radio DeluxeMaintenancepublic2019-07-01 14:20
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.6.0.236 
Summary0003362: Revise the "My Station" tab in the ALE in support of the other changes made to the My Station dialog
DescriptionThe My Station tab in the ALE still contains "Callsign", "Owner", and "Operator."

We could leave "Callsign" as-is in this context.
We need to remove "Owner" from this tab for the same reasons we removed it from the My Station dialog box.
We need to deal with "Operator" in a way consistent with what we'll do with "3357." For now, change the label to "Operator Callsign".

I have an image that describes this. I've placed the file at:

Google Drive..\Shared drives\HRD Software\Attachments\ALE_My_Station.png
Steps To ReproduceRemove "Owner" from this dialog box.
Re-label "Operator" to "Operator Callsign" (and adjust spacing in the UI).
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Testing Beta Successful


related to 0003357 feedbackK7ZCZ 3 - Current Dev List Create a method to manage operator callsigns (remove "Operator" from the My Station dialog box) 



2019-06-22 22:04

developer   ~0008180

removed owner, changed it to "operator callsign" on bot the logbook tab AND in the config my station page.
Reworked the controls a bit because "operator callsign" was a bit wider than the other labels.
Also moved license edit box up, just to make the layout look better
Screen shot attached.

I was going to remove references to the owner control in code, but it was in the middle of a static array in import/export code AND that array had a lot of hard coded index values scattered around in the code, removing it would probably break stuff. So I left that code AND just set "IDC_OWNER" to hidden on the dialog.


2019-06-23 02:51

administrator   ~0008181

This is good.

When you said, "removed owner, changed it to "operator callsign"", I was concerned that you were saying you changed 'owner to operator callsign'. But the change is correct.

Owner is removed from the UI. The label for "Operator" now says "Operator Callsign" on both the My Station dialog box and in the My Station tab in the ALE.

Validated. Closing.

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