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00033683 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-06-18 18:43
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Product Version6.6.0.214 
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Summary0003368: possibly spurious data written to registry?
The product writes spurious data to the registry. Maybe it has meaning, maybe it doesn't. I'm opening this issue because I can't quite figure out what writes it; if it's a bug and we're unintentionally writing uninitialized or unintentional data, we should fix it and clean it up so that it isn't a security or stability issue. If it's intentional, it seems like we should give the data a good format and proper name.

Steps To Reproduce
1) Setup the product, use a valid license keys
2) Examine this key in the registry: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Amateur Radio\HRD User Profile\Keys"
3) For me, I have value with the name ":6.0:2004-0-781" and no value.

Maybe the first two digits are a vesion number (but why not "6.5" instead of "6.0"?). Maybe the second field is meant to be a date, but it's also incorrectly formatted. Or, maybe my guesses are wrong.
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ModuleSW License Mgmt
Sub-ModuleSW License Client
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