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0003371Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2019-11-08 02:32
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Summary0003371: Info for adding Brother PTouch P700 label printer to label printing options
DescriptionTicket #694417

I use a Brother PTouch P700 label printer. Pretty standard for labels. It uses a tape cartridge that is identified as 24mm TZe tape, laminated.


The HRD “context” menu brings up a print dialog box. It permits me to select this printer (presumably because it is in my windows printers file, not because of anything unique to HRD). The dialog box permits me to change font styles, but not sizes. I assume it is somehow auto-sizing. There are numerous labels to choose from (the list seems to be duplicated many many times), but does not appear to have the label type I have and need.


I went to the “Create New” option and attempted to create a label. Given the limited menu choices in the dialog box, that is easier said than done. Each time I would try a setting, if I wanted to change a parameter, I had to delete the label and create a new label – because the edit label option only permitted changing (i) side margin, (ii) top margin, (iii) horizontal gap, and (iv) vertical gap. I could not edit the (a) label brand, (b) type, (c) width, (d) height, or (e) page type or orientation. In other words, there were limited (at best) items that could be edited. Further, when I selected address (as contrasted with QSL), I could not change the content of what was printed (i.e., I don’t like printing the call sign prior to the name and if in the US, I don’t usually print United States). The only items that were shown related to the QSL and not the address.


So, it appears that HRD has some work left.


I am providing the details, not because I’m upset, but in hopes it helps the development team.
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2019-07-13 19:41

developer   ~0008230

I don't think it's realistic to support these devices without having them available for testing and development. The PTouch PT-P700 is about $65, and the PT-P750 is around $125. The devices take tapes for printing; the one-inch-wide tapes are about $10 each. I don't think we should offer support for smallter tape widths, since they're unlikely to be used by operators for QSL cards.


2019-09-22 02:52

administrator   ~0008574

Tim - have you checked to see if Doug has added this in the 6.7 beta?

I purchased a Brother label printer... but Doug already has one. I'm not sure if it's exactly the same model. But I think he has added the ability to connect to the printer if it's installed.


2019-10-29 05:44

administrator   ~0009073

With the most recent changes made, this should be fixed. Needs testing.


2019-10-29 05:55

viewer   ~0009076

Unable to test


2019-11-07 08:32

viewer   ~0009196

Unable to test

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