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0003377Ham Radio Deluxe[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-11-08 02:31
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0003377: V6.6.0.236 Logbook will not start without License Server coming up.
DescriptionTicket# 905491 - Most Flex operators to not use HRD Rig Control since they are controlling the radio via SmartSDR, DDUtil or SliceMaster. Once registered, when RC is run and the Logbook, DM-780, Rotor Control and/or Satellite tracker are started automatically, the License Manager does NOT come up. Many Flex operators add Logbook, and other modules to their Start Menu in Windows, so when Windows starts, the HRD modules they wish to use will auto start.

When the Logbook is started in this manner, from the Windows Start menu, the License Manager always comes up and requires the operator to click [OK] on the license manager before Logbook will load. This is quite annoying to these operators and they would like it to be where the logbook will load from the start menu when Windows boots up WITHOUT the license manager first coming up.
Steps To ReproduceSteps to replicate:

Add Logbook to the Windows Start menu so it will start when the computer is booted up.
Shut down computer and reboot.
Computer will begin rebooting and before Logbook starts, the License Manager will come up and you will have to click the [OK] button in order to get the logbook to load.
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ModuleSW License Mgmt
Sub-ModuleSW License Client
Testing Beta Successful



2019-07-05 11:36

viewer   ~0008193

Saw this happen also


2019-07-10 01:49

administrator   ~0008208

Ticket# 181785 - Same thing is happening with another Flex radio user who is starting the rotor control without running HRD Rig Control because he uses his SmartSDR to control the radio, which gives better control than the HRD rig Control.


2019-07-11 13:34

administrator   ~0008214

I just ran some tests on this which Mike C asked me to do. Did a freah install of V6.6.0.236 on a newly created W-10, 45-bit VM. Installed V6.6.0.236. When it came to the final screen where it gives you the checked selection to run HRD, I unchecked that option and clicked finish, so that it did NOT run the HRD software. After the box closed, I opened C:\Program Files (x86), navigated to the HRD Software LLC\Ham Radio Deluxe\ folder, located the HRDRotator.exe file and executed it. The License Manager came up first, allowing me to enter my callsign and activation key. Clicked the "Activate" button and after a few seconds it activated properly and the Rotator control screen appeared as normal. I then opened Logbook, which opened correctly without showing the License Manager. Checked License manager from the help screen in Logbook and it appeared proper, showing my Permanent license and SM&S exp. date. Checked all other modules individually and they opened with no issues as normal.


2019-07-18 13:43

administrator   ~0008247

Ticket #224406
Same issue starting modules other than Rig Control as stand-alone programs.


2019-07-19 09:40

viewer   ~0008249

Ticket #345710
Same issue when using Win4K3


2019-08-05 17:05

developer   ~0008328

There was a redundant license check, not 100% it was what was causing this one as reproducing in debugger was not possible. This change was done to the fundamental license code, so we should go through all licensing test procedures in next build.


2019-08-09 19:32

administrator   ~0008352

Did this change go into a build?

Yes, we need to include this use case in test scenarios. If it's in a build, we can update this issue and have it tested (239?).


2019-08-11 15:50

developer   ~0008377

yes this is in the 6.6 build from last week.

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