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Summary0003380: Can't adjust Offset when Rotor is steered via Yaesu Radio CAT
DescriptionSome Yaesu radios interfacing the rotor via a special port (Yaesu CAT)
In these cases it is not possible to adjust the rotor offset in the HRD Rotator app.
Steps To ReproduceIn this case, FT-950 with rotor connected to the radio's dedicated control port.
In Rotator application Connect via the Yaesu Radio CAT entry.
Open Tools > Options > Configuration
Click Add
Fill in a name at Title
See you only can select a comport / Parallel port or ARSWIN and not Yaesu Radio CAT
Making use of the offset option not usable.
Additional InformationTicket 973935
TagsFT-950, Yaesu
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2019-07-08 08:45

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Related to Mantis 185690 (can't add the related to field)


2020-03-24 11:25

administrator   ~0009598

Reported in Ticket #298350

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