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Summary0003382: "Extended Menus" feature doesn't work for TS-990

Some radios expose groups of settings in "extended" menus, outside of the normal control command structure. The "Extended Menus" feature in Rig Control allows users to manipulate these settings. Rig Control has support for the extended menus in the Yaesu FT-2000 and the Kenwood TS-2000, TS-4890, and TS-990.

Support for the TS-990 doesn't work. While I don't have one of these radios to test with specifically, the radio's documentation says that the radio accepts a very different extended menu command (EX) format than the code uses. Further, the settings given in the menu don't (at all!) match the settings given in the radio's manual.

The code should be corrected to work with the TS-990. It should also be reviewed and tested, as I think we have reason to believe it was never given any such attention previously. (Seems like the definitions for the TS-2000 were copied to the TS-990 and assumed they'd work ... but the radios are very (!) different and the menu struc ture isn't nearly the same.)
Steps To Reproduce
1) Start up Rig Control. Connect to TS-990
2) Use the "Kenwood" command in the "Extended Menus" tear-off in the "Tools" menu
3) Use the "Refresh" button to re-load the radio's settings

BUG#1) Doesn't work; none of the settings are reflected properly in the Rig Control UI

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