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Summary0003383: Add support for RIT/Delta-Freq for TS-890
The Kenwood TS-890 supports RIT/XIT frequency offets to help accurately tune or "micro-split" CW work. The feature of the radio is arranged in such a way that supporting it from Rig Control will be difficult.

Intuitively, we'd want a single slider control that sets the frequency offsets; the radio can handle +-9999 hertz. An on/off button could handle turning the RIT/XIT setting on or off.

The radio's command interface provides the RF command to read the frequencies. A separate RC command is given to reset the offset frequencies to 0, which effectively turns off the feature. The frequency is set with RU or RD, which takes a frequency value.

At this time, Rig Control sliders can't use such a combination of comamnds to control the offset frequency. Further, the on/off button implementation can't handle using a comination of commands to test, set, or clear the on/off state.

RIT/XIT is a popular feature for advanced CW hams, and we should find a way to get some controls implemented that can suppotr the radio's mechanism for these settings.
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related to 0002937 closedK7ZCZ Ham Radio Deluxe Support Kenwood TS-890S 
related to 0003384 closedK7ZCZ 5 - Closed w/o Action Add support for RIT/Delta-Freq for TS-890 


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