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00033873 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-07-10 10:52
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Summary0003387: No support for attenuator on TS-990 radio
The Kenwood TS-990 radio has an attenuator, but Rig Control doesn't support it in any way; no control for the attenuator is offered in the Rig Control UI.

Thing is, the Attenuator command (RA) for the TS-990 doesn't fit well with the Rig Control UI model. The set command only sets the currently selected receiver -- A or B. Rig control doesn't know which receiver is selected, so it can't reflect the setting in the UI directly. As such, a straight-forward solution isn't possible. If we implemented an ATT dropdown in the same way we do for most other radios, it wouldn't work right and would change the A or B setting unintuitively, and always report either A or B's setting.

Perhaps we can re-work Rig Control so that it's more readily aware of the radio's state, and we could then have a better chance of implementing controls for more advanced radios like the TS-990.

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