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0003402Ham Radio DeluxeEnhancementpublic2019-11-08 02:31
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0003402: Implement support for panadapter display in Kenwood TS-890
The Kenwood TS-890 has a panadapter display that is made avaialble over the serial port control interface as quantized power data for the selected frequency range. We can alter Rig Control to subscribe to that data and display it graphically to the user, then invent a UI that aids operators in tuning, spotting, and setting the radio.

The TS-890 uses a different protocol and data representation than the Icom radios, though the visible end result is quite similar. It looks like the TS-990 uses the same protocol for its waterfall; and maybe other Kenwood radios do, too. But we don't have access to those radios and for now can only attempt to implement support for the TS-890 because we have one on loan.

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related to 0002775 closedK7ZCZ Add Icom panadapter application to suite 
related to 0002937 closedK7ZCZ Support Kenwood TS-890S 



2019-07-24 13:42

developer   ~0008262

This check in to the 6.7 branch separates the Icom-specific code from the existing panadapter implementation and lays the framework for other radios. Some connections are made to that framework for the TS-890, but the panadapter feature for that radio does not yet work.


2019-07-26 10:19

developer   ~0008282

With the major refactoring done, this checkin does a bit more fine tuning and starts getting the Kenwood dialog hooked-up.


2019-07-29 13:01

developer   ~0008294

This fixes a deadlock condition; gets the "speed" dropdown, "span" dropdown, and "ref level" slider working. all in the 6.7 branch:


2019-07-29 13:53

developer   ~0008295

Add control for bandscope attenuator:


2019-07-29 16:34

developer   ~0008297

Range drop down now works:


2019-07-29 16:50

developer   ~0008298

This is pretty much working, so I'm marking this resolved. We can start tracking bugs and feature requests from here on ...


2019-07-30 14:31

developer   ~0008302

Ref Level range is configurable in CRadioCAps class


2019-09-23 06:16

viewer   ~0008607

Unable to test

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