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Summary0003403: Logbook.. adding a QSO Start and End times are the same
DescriptionThe Logbook shows the Date, (F2) Start and (F3) all greyed out.
When i log a contact it always puts in the end time the same as the start time and I cannot change it to a Start Time and and end Time which are up to date. The Start time is set to Current Time and the end Time is set to Current time also - this would normally produce a different Start and end Time but it currently will only log them as Identical times (always the Start and end time are the same)
Steps To ReproduceOpen Logbook
Configure the Layout to display Time On and Time OFF

Open ALE
Select Options > Date/Times > Start and set it for Current Time
Repeat for End

Enter a call and do the lookup
Wait a few minutes
Add the QSO

Now in Logbook you will see the Start and End times are the same.
There should be a difference
Additional InformationTicket #175406
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Sub-ModuleALE Window
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2019-10-28 14:03

viewer   ~0009039

I think that this may be the same issue that I raised in the following thread:


2019-10-29 05:03

updater   ~0009060

I confirm this issue.


2019-11-19 11:14

viewer   ~0009401

Interestingly, DM780 still follows the former, desirable behavoir. I tested today while going through Entering a new callsign and then hitting tab sets the start time to the time that that tab was hit.


2019-11-19 14:01

updater   ~0009402

If the Start and End times are both set to the Current Time then surely they will be the same when the QSO is logged.?
I use Start Time "Set by the User" and End Time "Current Time".


2019-11-19 16:25

viewer   ~0009403

I also use Start Time "Set by the User" and End Time "Current Time".


2020-04-05 09:00

administrator   ~0009650

Ferry's description is incorrect.

Understand... the definition of "Current Time" is "the PC clock's time when the QSO record is saved" - regardless if used for Start or End.

If Start time is "Current Time" and End time is "Current Time"... then they both MUST be the same.. and they will contain the time of the PC clock when the QSO record was saved. (G3UCQ points this out and he's correct.)

Here's the problem (and I may change the description in this bug; it's at the core of why we've not been able to understand or reproduce this):

If the Start Time is "Set by the User", and if the user keeps the ALE open to continue adding QSOs, then the Start Time isn't being reset after saving a QSO. That must be the problem. (End Time isn't really relevant in this conversation. End Time is working properly.)


2020-04-05 10:10

viewer   ~0009652

Yes Mike, that is exactlhy my issue that I raised in the original forum thread last fall.


2020-04-05 10:41

administrator   ~0009653

Here's the change that needs to be made, based on the conversation in our Forums (

When Start Time option is set to "Set by User" (within the ALE, Options > Date/Times > Start > Set by User)
Reset the Start Time to the PC clock when the user performs a callsign lookup (this happens when the user either tabs out of the callsign field or clicks on the "Lookup" button). (This is the same function that occurs when the Start Time option is set to "Set by User" and the user presses the F2 key. Just run that same function when Start Time option is "Set by User" and the user performs a callsign lookup.


2020-04-05 10:58

viewer   ~0009654

Also see, where I brought this issue to like last October.


2020-04-09 23:30

administrator   ~0009663

The behavior originally described here is the correct behavior. We did find a problem and 0003663 has been opened to track it.

Closing this one.

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