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Summary0003408: develop mechanisms, guidance to show license-disabled features
Given the expiry of a user's license, some features may not be available in their install. We should enumerate mechanisms for showing users that features are missing, and develop a guide for showing the user which features are missing and guiding them toward a renewal or upgrade.

Our first license-protected feature is the panadatper display. A user with an old license won't be able to access it.

The panadapter display will be accessed by a menu choice in rig control; also maybe with a tool bar button, if we can get artwork for the button icon. If the user has a current license (and a supported radio) then these UI elements are enabled and usable. They lead to the panadapter UI.

If the user doesn't have a current license, what do they see? Could be any one of these choices:

  1. the menu choices (and tool bar button) are removed

  2. the menu choices (and tool bar button) are disabled, even with a connection to a supported radio

  3. the menu choices (and tool bar button) are active in the presence of a good connection, but lead to UI that explains the feature is missing

  4. the menu choices (and tool bar button) are active with a good connection, but lead to a time-limited demo of the feature

Maybe there are other alternatives. And there certainly need to be other mechanisms for features which have a different access mechanic -- not all features are accessed through a menu item or tool bar button, so they'll need their own solution patterns.

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