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00034165 - Closed w/o ActionEnhancementpublic2020-07-12 21:47
ReporterK7ZCZAssigned ToPD9FER 
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Summary0003416: Add an option to the Mapper application to turn off tool tips in the application
Users have requested that we make the display of tool tips in the applications optional. we should add a new tab to the "Settings" dialog box named "Appearance". This tab would contain only one control, a new check box to control the display of tool tips in this application.
Steps To Reproduce
Use the "Settings" command in the "Tools" menu
In the resulting "Settings" dialog, note that there is no appropriate, existing tab where a tool-tip option might be grouped.

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related to 0002657 closedPD9FER Request: option to turn off Tool Tips 



2019-08-09 09:09

developer   ~0008339

In the team call on 2019-08-08, we had decided to close this issue after discovering that there already was a way to hide the menu bar and tool bar tool tips in Rig Control, and the tool bar tool tips in most other apps. We also though adding this option was too much work for each application (a day or two, each) when there were few requests for the option, and when there seemed to be some misunderstanding in the ticket.

Since then, Ferry decided that the issue warrented more discussion among the support team, so it is now assigned to him pending the outcome of those discussions.


2019-08-12 10:35

updater   ~0008388

Had conversation with the Team.

 Since there only are two Requests for this feature, I recommend to close it as won't fix (yet)
 If more requests are getting in, we always can reconsider.

 For now, Close with Won't Fix

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