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00034214 - Business PrioritiesBugpublic2020-07-02 02:25
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Summary0003421: Fix the entitlement issue when PayPal is used (UltraCart)
DescriptionWe have a number of support tickets where customers attempt to purchase a renewal and they receive the following error during checkout:

"An existing software entitlement for HRDSMS can not be located on your customer profile. Please contact customer service for assistance renewing this software entitlement."

Steps To ReproduceBasically, the scenario works like this...

User puts HRDSMS (or a kit containing it) in his cart, clicks on Checkout... then they select either Express Checkout or an Existing Profile (it makes no difference)... after that choice is made, there is definitely a step here where the entitlement is checked. It passes this time because they're using the same email address that's in their UltraCart profile.

Then they choose form of payment - credit card or PayPal.

If they choose credit card, it's all fine.

If they choose PayPal... they get redirected to PayPal (to login and authorize the payment)... that brings them back to checkout... there's a box they need to check to accept the terms... then they click on submit (or whatever button is the final purchase button; I'm not going through it right now).

When that happens (my theory is)... the email address associated with the PayPal account gets checked now for entitlement (rather than the email address in the UltraCart profile). Because they don't match, the user gets that error.

I watched a guy do this tonight ( watched him get the error... asked him to change his form of payment from PayPal to credit card and it worked perfectly.
Additional InformationI have contacted UltraCart with this information.
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2019-08-18 02:44

administrator   ~0008419

I'm working to verify, but the error may be gone, but there's another problem related to which email address is being sent to QLM and which UC profile is being updated.


2019-10-23 08:20

administrator   ~0008977

Updating this...

Jonathan at UltraCart made a change that may have resolved the problem. We just need to watch for a bit to determine if it actually did resolve the problem (repro cases are difficult.)


2019-11-03 01:41

administrator   ~0009119

I reopened this based on the comments in the following support ticket: #835944 (HRDLL-201910311956-422477)

I've sent the detail to UltraCart.

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