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Summary0003423: Differentiate between auto-renewals and non-auto-renewals in QLM
DescriptionEach day, there are three scheduled tasks in QLM Management Console that sends a renewal reminder email to customers who have a Maintenance Plan Date that is 30, 15, and 3 days from "today", respectively. [Based on queries defined in QLM for "Maintenance Renewal Date".]

Some customers in this query have purchased an auto-renewal. Because there's no way to differentiate between the keys enrolled in auto-renewal and those that are not, then auto-renewal customers get reminders. They find this either (a) annoying or (b) confusing. In the cases where they are confused, they end up purchasing a renewal. When their auto-renewal runs, they believe that we have charged them twice.

There needs to be a method to differentiate between them in QLM.
Additional InformationFrom Soraco (edited for accuracy):

I'm not sure if you are using the User Groups (Affiliate IDs) but you could create a User Group called "AutoRenew".

From the API, Jonathan could set the is_affiliateid=AutoRenew

You can then perform a search by adding AffilateID!='AutoRenew' to the current query.
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