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0003424Ham Radio DeluxeBugpublic2019-11-08 02:31
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Target VersionFixed in Version6.7.0.244 
Summary0003424: Fix the cron job on the Linux server that sends the solar data to the download site (currently doing it manually)
DescriptionThe crontab I created to automate the movement of solar data from NOAA's FTP server to our CDN (downloads) is not working correctly.

As a result, I'm running this each month after NOAA publishes the monthly update.
Steps To ReproduceBefore launching Logbook...
Look at the date inside "%appdata%\HRDLLC\HRD Logbook\RecentSolarIndices.txt"
Launch Logbook
Again, look at the date inside "%appdata%\HRDLLC\HRD Logbook\RecentSolarIndices.txt"
Then... look at the date inside\RecentSolarIndices.txt

The workstation is not being updated.
Additional InformationThe following commands are in the system crontab:

# AutoUpdate RecentIndices.txt (3:00am CT on every morning)
0 8 * * * wget -qN /www/splash/files/RecentIndices.txt
1 8 * * * wput -qN /www/splash/files/RecentIndices.txt ftp://webstorage:c79e9ed1-e197-4a0a-82a941d3d9b3-1f90-4660

This is not working.
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Testing Beta Successful



2019-08-11 00:12

administrator   ~0008366

It won't really be possible to test this again until after 10-Sept when the next file comes out. If successful, our download should be from the September date.


2019-08-25 07:53

administrator   ~0008437

MB - I've fixed this and verified that it's working to bring down the current RecentIndices.txt file. It's checked nightly, but the file only gets updated by NOAA once a month.

However... when launching Logbook, it is expected that the most current file will be downloaded from and copied to "%appdata%\HRDLLC\HRD Logbook\RecentSolarIndices.txt". It doesn't look like that's happening.

The one that shows up in the software has a date of "2019 Jul 08 0205 UTC".
The one that is on our download page has a date of "2019 Aug 05 0339 UTC"

It looks like we've got progress. But we probably have a copy of the file that's compiled as resource into the build that's being used instead of the one we've downloaded.


2019-08-25 08:04

administrator   ~0008438

I've added the other NOAA files to the crontab. In total, the following files are now available at<filename>:



2019-08-30 20:25

administrator   ~0008473

The downloading code itself seems to work fine.

The local Last30DaysDailySolarData.txt, RecentSolarIndices.txt, and SunspotPredictDefault.txt files were unconditionally deleted in the startup of the Logbook application. This deletion raced the first download of the files; might happen before, might happen after. The files would need to successfully download every single run of the Logbook, then, racing the deletes. The default copy would be used in the meantime instead unitl the download was successful.

I've removed the deletion -- we want the files to remain between runs. That's in this change set:

If this doesn't clear up the symptoms you're seeting, please take the time to make a complete report. In particular, providing the Logfile view would show the steps taken by the downloader, the decision to use the deafault file, and the parsing of the files. The more information we have with each bug report, the less guess work involved in the fix.


2019-09-07 08:51

administrator   ~0008523

I'll validate this one when the September RecentSolarIndices.txt file gets posted by NOAA.


2019-09-22 19:21

administrator   ~0008582

The intended purpose of this Mantis issue is resolved. The crontab reliably fetches the RecentSolarIndices.txt file.

In addition, I took the liberty of adding the following files to the crontab:

I 'may' end up creating a Mantis issue to cause the "Show/Display Data" options within the "30 Day Solar Data" and "Solar Cycle Progression" menus (right-click in those graphs) to point to the local copies of these files, rather than the online copies of these files. It's otherwise difficult to know for sure which files are on the machine and whether or not they match to what's being displayed. [But again, this is a separate topic that I may take up later.]

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