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00034273 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-08-11 14:54
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Product Version6.7.0.215 
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Summary0003427: panadapter needs to age DX Cluster spots
The panadapter can display DX cluster spots. However, they don't age -- as long ans the panadapter is displayed, new spots are added and will overlap old spots graphically.

The code should be augmented to display only the newest spots without overwriting older spots. The test for overwriting will change depending on the width (span) of the scope and its window, so this is dependent on both visual scaling and the span width.
Steps To Reproduce
1) Start up Rig Control. Connect to a physical radio with panadapter support
2) Open the panadapter window
3) Start Logbook
4) Open DX Cluster
5) Watch the panadapter window for a while. How long will depend on how active DX Cluster stream is, what band, and so on

BUG#1) Eventually, the spot display in the panadapter will be overwhelmed an start drawing spots on top of each other
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ModuleRig Control
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