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00034303 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-10-06 18:37
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Summary0003430: HRD ADIF Import no longer Importing any HRD User_Defined_Fields.
DescriptionAs the title reported by G4NVB
Steps To Reproduce1: Export a Logbook which contains information in any of the HRD User_Defined_Fields (ensuring ADIF + Ham Radio Deluxe Radio Button is selected).

2: Inspect the Exported ADIF File to confirm that the HRD User_Defined_Fields are populated.

3: Create an empty HRD LOgbook.

4: Import the saved ADIF File.

5: Observe that the HRD User_Defined_Fields are no longer populated.
Additional InformationI confirm G4NVB's findings.
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Sub-ModuleImport Export
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