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00034312 - Next Dev List (Holding Area)Bugpublic2020-07-02 02:20
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Summary0003431: Fox Delta Rotator Controller Support
DescriptionCustomer in Ticket #168924 has a Yaesu G-5500 rotor and a Fox Delta controller which emulates the Yaesu GS-232B controller. The Yaesu products support 450 degree rotation meaning when using OEM Yaesu rotor and controller, the rotor is capable of rotating past the normal 360 degree limits.

According to the Fox Delta manual, the controller is supposed to allow the 450 degree rotation when using the GS-232B emulation. Unfortunately the customer can only get 360 degree rotation and can not get the additional 90 degree over run.

Do we have a bug in our GS-232B code or is this a limitation with the emulated GS-232B firmware in the Fox Delta controller?

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2019-08-14 00:19

developer   ~0008403

Change range from 0-360 to 0-450 in the code. It will need to be tested for correct behavior


2019-08-30 09:56

administrator   ~0008471

The fix for this issue did NOT work. Sent the beta release to the customer for testing and he reported the rotor still will only travel 360 degrees. It will Not move to the 450 degree position.


2019-08-30 10:23

developer   ~0008472

Can you find out how the customer is trying to move to 450. From the Rotor gauge only 0 to 360 is allowed.


2019-09-03 11:31

administrator   ~0008505

Jose, are you talking the gauge on the rotator GUI will only go from 0 to 360 and will not indicate any over-run? The customer is using this for satellite tracking. There are times, for example, when the satellite is passing, west to east and is low on the northern horizon. The 450 degree over run, allows you to pick up the satellite, say at 270 degrees. The satellite is tracking west to east, but low on the northern horizon. Normally if the rotator is set with a north stop, the satellite would be tracked from 280 to 359 degrees, then to continue tracking the beam would have to swing back the other way to the 001 degree to pick up the satellite past north (360 degree) and on to it's LOS at say 090 degrees. Being able to have continuous tracking from 270 to 360, then over run the stop so it can track to the 450 degrees. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.


2019-09-03 11:41

developer   ~0008506

Yes as far as I know the gauge on the rotator only shows 0 to 360 and doesn't indicate any over-run. But the limits have been extended so the rotator code would accept upto 450 degrees. Depending on the rotator I see different limits. But I don't know how the satellite tracking handles it. In the LogFile you should be able to see what is the actual location of the rotator.


2019-10-25 12:09

administrator   ~0009018

Jose, I can understand the gauge only indicating 0 to 360 and that it will not indicate the over-run, but do you have any possible idea why his "Fox Delta" controller that emulates the GS-232B az/el rotor controller will not allow the overrun to 450 degrees when the PST ROTATOR software works perfectly with his Fox Delta emulating the GS-232B as/el controller. I really need to be able to give Randy an answer about this.


2019-10-25 12:21

developer   ~0009019

I don’t understand what you expect to see. Like I said the controller has now 0-450 limits so any limitations don’t come from from the rotator software so I am at a loss as to what you are looking for.

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