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00034333 - Current Dev ListBugpublic2019-08-16 12:29
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Product Version6.6.0.239 
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Summary0003433: incorrect system time setting gives confusing user experience
An activated installation of the product will give the user a poor, frustrating experience when their system time setting is incorrect.

When managing the activation of the product, we should be very careful to provide descriptive error messages and a clear UI. I think this issue could get some help from our own code, but we might be at the mercy of Soraco for a comprehensive fix.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Install HRD 6.6
2) Activate your license
3) App works great, no problems. Close it
4) Set the system time 1 hour, 40 minutes prior to the current time.
5) Start HRD again
6) The "License Key Manager" dialog appears. "Activate" is disabled, and the call sign and software activation key are already entered. The "Support Expiration" value shown is far in the future.
7) Press OK, then -- what else could you do?

BUG#1) This message box is presented:

Ham Radio Deluxe
The software was not activated with a valid key and will now exit.

8) The app closes. Start it again.
9) The product is unlicensed; the "Connect" dialog says "unlicensed -- 1 day remaining" in the title bar.

BUG#2) It seems very much unlikely that customers will look to the title bar of the connect dialog to get information about the state of their license. Can't the user be given a more explicit alert?

10) Connect to a radio. DemoMatic is fine.
11) In the "Tools" menu, use the "HRD License Manager" command. note that the license still shows a good expiration date.
12) Deactivate the key.
13) The application closes. Start it again.
14) The Connect dialog still shows "Unlicensed". Connect to a Demo radio.
15) In the "Tools" menu, use the "HRD License Manager" command. The license is still there, showing a good expiration date.

BUG#3) It didn't actually deactivate. AT this point, the user is quite stuck -- no advice on what's wrong, no way to try to deactivate or reactivate the license.

16) Reset the system time to be correct
17) Start the application again.
18) The connect dialog doesn't indicate "unlicensed" and things are back to normal.

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ModuleSW License Mgmt
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